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ANTHRAX- A Royal Return?

I’m going to admit I came into this with high expectations. I thought Anthrax was hitting their groove with their previous release, Worship Music, and I set the bar pretty high for their newest release, especially with all the hype the band was putting into it. So when I got my hands on a copy of “For All Kings”, I prepared myself for another masterpiece from these pioneering thrashers.

“You Gotta Believe”- I’m feeling pretty optimistic. They’re coming out with their best foot forward and giving us Anthrax faithful what we’ve come to expect from the band. Straight-ahead, balls-to-the-wall heavy metal, Anthrax style. Gets a little repetitive, but it can probably be forgiven.

“Monster At The End”- this one gets off to a pretty decent start. It’s never going to be mistaken for classics like “Indians”, “Caught In A Mosh” or “Medusa”, but it ain’t bad.

The title track- it’s got those classic Anthrax rhythms and riffs that we’ve come to know the band for. Not a bad title track. I don’t see it as an instant classic that’s going to be remembered decades from now, but I’ve heard a lot worse.

“Suzerain”- this track could easily have been and probably should have been left off. This one did absolutely nothing for me and had me reaching for the next track button. Come on, guys.

“Evil Twin”- redemption. Now THIS is the Anthrax that spawned a thousand moshpits worldwide. This is the energy that Anthrax fans crave. The rapid-fire riffing and reckless abandon rhythmic style takes this Anthrax fan back to its glory days. This is a track that could have found its way onto Spreading The Disease or Among The Living.

And then they follow up with “Blood Eagle Wings”. This one takes a while to get going- three minutes, give or take a few seconds. This one comes up well short of the mark. Damn, this is almost starting to become a thing now.

“Defend Avenge” – decent mid-tempo track that struggles to find itself. One second it’s kicking along and then they decide to change it up- and it doesn’t work for me.

“All Of Them Thieves”- this one has me shaking my head, in all honesty.

Let’s just skip to the final track, “Zero Tolerance”. This is moshpit music. Not much else.

Overall, I came in with a high expectation that this would be an Anthrax album to remember. Sadly, it missed the mark. On first listen, I thought this was going to be a great disc. Good thing I waited to give it a couple more spins, because if I’d written it up on first impressions, it would be scored a lot higher than it’s getting. This king needs to abdicate his throne, because he’s not fit to reign.

I give this one a 5 out of 10.


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