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DISTURBED- Seeking Immortality

It’s been quite a while since anyone heard anything from Chicago’s Disturbed. Rumors had been floating of the band’s demise, with David Draiman’s side project Device doing nothing to quell those speculations. Turns out they weren’t dead, they were simply regrouping. They kept everyone in the dark and covertly put together the next chapter in the Disturbed legacy. And then the word was revealed- Immortalized was coming. Disturbed fans around the world rejoiced.

They released their first video. The fans lapped it up. They couldn’t get enough. I know- I was one of them. And then the album dropped, and the legions of fans quickly sent it to the top of the Billboard charts.

And now it’s time for my take on this latest offering.

It starts off innocuously enough with the instrumental “Eye Of The Storm” right into the title track. It has that unmistakable Disturbed sound, with Draiman’s powerful vocals complementing the band’s trademark riffage. But it’s the next track that propelled this album straight to the top. “The Vengeful One” was the first glimpse into the new album that the world received, and it was very well received for good reason. Pounding, infectious rhythm, riffs that will stick in your ears for ages and lyrics that have become a staple of Disturbed over the years make this the undeniable standout track.

“Open Your Eyes” is a catchy, almost anthemic follow-up. It leaves a pretty solid feeling that this could turn into another one of those Disturbed platters that are destined for multiple listens at high volume. You’ll notice I used the word “could”. That’s because the album starts off great, but quickly deteriorates. All the anticipation that I felt from the first few tracks wasted no time in dissipating, never to return.

“The Light” feels like a filler track. “What Are You Waiting For” kicks up the pace a little, but sadly the remainder of the album suffers from the same symptoms. It just sounds so fucking GENERIC. Here we were being told that we were going to be getting one of the best Disturbed albums ever, and they gave us this? Where’s the creativity? Where’s the passion? With the exception of their chilling cover rendition of the Simon & Garfunkel classic “The Sound Of Silence” and the cannabis-influenced “Fire It Up”, they really haven’t broken any new ground. It almost feels to me like Disturbed has found their formula, and while it will please most of their fanbase, it doesn’t bring anything new to the table. They know that they’re going to sell a shit-ton of records because they have their loyal fans who will buy anything they put out. I get it. They have to cater to the majority of their fanbase. I just happen to be one of the dissenters who is willing to stand up and say, “They could have and should have done so much better.”

After such a long break and with so much hype, there were some pretty high expectations. I know I’m probably in the minority, but I felt disappointed and let down. Immortalized doesn’t come up short of the bar that their previous records set, it doesn’t even come close.

I give Immortalized a 4/10.

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