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INNERWISH- Wish Granted

You’re probably clicking on this review and wondering, “Who the hell is InnerWish? Never heard of them before.” Well, guess what? Up until recently, neither had I.

And then I was cruising around YouTube one day and found this.

It took about twenty seconds to wrap my head around the fact that I’d just found the next album to put on my want list and started finding out more about these Greek metallers. Turns out they’ve been doing this since 1998- right around the time that Primal Fear and Hammerfall were making their marks in the world. Makes sense that InnerWish would ride that wave as well of kickass European power metal. For some reason they kinda got lost in the shuffle, though.

And now sixteen years later, they’re back with a self-titled album and one hell of a vengeance. This is their fifth album and their first since 2010’s “No Turning Back” (which, by the way, if you haven’t heard yet, also recommended) The band’s gone through some lineup changes over that lengthy gap, the most notable of which is the vocal duties. This album is the first with George Eikosipentakis (guys, please don’t kill me if I missed the spelling lol) on the microphone, and all I can say is… wow.

Okay, okay. Enough with the backstory. You guys want to know if this album is truly the real deal. Yes, I discovered the band on YouTube, got blown away by the first video.. but we all know the first single doesn’t exactly make for the best album. Fine. You just keep that thought in your noggin for a moment- and then banish it.

Right from the beginning, you’re going to know you’ve got a slab of absolute rockin’ power on your CD player. “Roll The Dice” prepares you for the ride, and it’s the perfect indication of what you can expect for the next 67 minutes. No blastbeats or rapid-fire riffage, no hyperspeed Malmsteen-esque shredding necessary.

“Broken” kicks things up a notch, but still maintains that high-energy, solid-tempo attack. It’s the perfect lead-in to “Modern Babylon”. No, I’m not going to describe this track to you. See that video up above? Click on it if you haven’t already. Words are not necessary when the music does the talking. Okay. Now pick your jaw up off the floor, because you ain’t heard nothing yet. Wait until you get to the next offering (and in my personal opinion, one of the highlights of the album) “Machines Of Fear”. It’s not fast, it’s not overblown, it’s just fucking WICKED. This song will have your head banging. It’s simple, yet thunderous and powerful at the same time.

Wait… is that a clean guitar sound I hear? A ballad? GOTCHA. “Needles In My Mind” sucks you right in and then at the right moment yanks the rug out from under you and lets you know that you’re not getting a respite that easily. “My World On Fire” keeps the engine rolling at full steam. “Zero Ground” allows the more sudued (to this point) keyboards of George Georgiou to come to the forefront. The six-minute-plus “Rain Of A Thousand Years” brings every element of the band together in one of the strongest tracks on the album- and for an album that to this point has been full of nothing but, that’s really saying something.

“Serenity” is anything but, and we don’t finally get a chance to catch our breath until we finally get to the one ballad on the album- “Cross The Line” finally gives us that respite that was teased earlier on. No distortion, no effects, no drums, nothing. Just a relaxing clean guitar sound and the always-powerful, yet soulful vocals. It is in no way out of place. In fact, it’s right where it needs to be- the relaxation before the grand finale, “Tame The Seven Seas”. This track is the perfect closer to what has been a thrill ride from start to finish. It has every element you could ask for- the ebb and flow that keeps your attention from first note to the last one.

So what’s the bottom line here? Four words. All Killer. No Filler. I think you know what I’m going to be doing with this CD (in addition to cranking it up one more time as I write this review)

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